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Vetlen Extra Luer Locks

Vetlen Extra Luer Locks

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3ct packet of extra components for dosing end of the catheter in the event of loss or contamination.

  • Barbed connectors (3)
  • Luer Locks (3)
  • Caps (3)
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  • The Right DRUG

    The antibiotic payload in the Vetlen Pouch can be changed as needed to ensure the right drug is administered to disable the infection-causing biofilm.

  • The Right Place

    The Vetlen Pouch’s syringe-based replenishing system makes it easy to administer the optimal antibiotic locally, directly in the surgical or traumatic wound.

  • The Right Duration

    With the capacity to be used for up to 30 days, the Vetlen Pouch offers unparalleled versatility. It’s easy to place, refill, and remove!

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