We Envision a World Where Every Infected Wound Is Treatable

As a veterinarian-led, vet-first company, we’re here to push the boundaries of veterinary medicine and empower clinicians with scientifically validated solutions. We’re passionate about bringing reliable, innovative technology to veterinary practices everywhere, contributing to better outcomes for the animals under your care.

Meet the Team

Vetlen was created for Veterinary Surgeons by Biofilm Experts

Dustin Williams, PhD

Inventor, Co-founder, Co-developer

Dustin is a 21-year research scientist at the University of Utah. He quite literally wrote the book on biofilms (Targeting Biofilms in Translational Research, Device Development, and Industrial Sectors).His family has a black lab named Jake, an Aussiedoodle named Pip, a Siberian cat named Noelle, and a tailless rescue dog named Sadie who shakes her entire body when excited.

Proudest moment at Vetlen: Improving the health of each animal that has been treated to date.

How he spends the weekends: Grant writing, gardening with his wife, writing a book, or playing activities with their 5 kids.

You would never guess: He used to be able to dunk a basketball.

Nicholas Ashton, PhD

Inventor, Co-founder, Co-developer

Nic is a biomedical engineer with expertise in engineering and materials science to develop novel medical devices and therapies. He contributed to the book on biofilms (Targeting Biofilms in Translational Research, Device Development, and Industrial Sectors). He lives with his wife, son and daughter, and Princess Flow, a platinum half-moon betta fish who sleeps in a pink castle.

Proudest moment at Vetlen: The development of our own technology and bringing together an amazing team.

On his bucket list: See Carson's cross on Fremont Island in Utah's Great Salt Lake.

How he spends his weekends: A walk with his wife and kids, a Costco run, and housework.

Stephanie Morley, DVM


Stephanie is a veterinarian and entrepreneur who is excited to once again translate human medical device technology to the veterinary space. She’s passionate about helping vets, the MacGyvers of Medicine, get their hands on a solution that will improve their clinical outcomes. Stephanie is part of a blended family with 5 kids and a three-legged dachshund chihuahua mutt called Louie (aka Louie Stan McMorLaBarre the Wonder Dog).

Her hopes for Vetlen: A Vetlen Pouch on every vet’s shelf – always there when you need it.

On her bucket list: To learn how to fly fish.

How she spends her weekends: Probably at one of her kid’s sporting events (golf, powerlifting, lacrosse, soccer, basketball).

Jeff Wasden

Chief Marketing Officer

Jeff is a CMO with over 30 years of progressive marketing and management experience. He’s excited to create a simple yet expertly engineered product go-to market. On his days off, he likes spending his time with his wife, three boys and three girls, and his dog, Millie, who blissfully tries to capture the elusive reflections off windows with her paws.

What he loves about Vetlen: It solves a long-standing problem in an innovative and simple way.

On his bucket list: Retire in a tropical climate with a mango tree in my backyard.

You would never guess: He enjoys drawing and calligraphy.

Lenny the Sheep

Chief Grazing Officer

I have a special place in Vetlen’s origin. It was the preclinical work conducted with me and my flock that led the founders to realize many species could benefit from this innovative solution. I joined the Vetlen team to continue clinical trials on dogs, horses and any other creature who can benefit – helping to lead everyone to greener pastures.

What he loves about Vetlen: It’s so simple.

On his bucket list: See the Vetlen Pouch become the most versatile tool for the surgical and wound needs for all animals.

How he spends his weekends: Grazing….d-u-u-u-u-h!.

  • Owen McCafferty,


    "New technologies are the basis in life sustaining tools in veterinary medicine. New medical and surgical technologies do not have to be digitally based but rather are genius in their simplicity, efficacy, efficiency, ease of use, and adaptability among multiple species and platforms. The Vetlen Pouch embodies this."

  • Cary Burch

    Board Advisor & 3X National USA Arena Polo Champion

    "I have spent decades in the world of high-performance horses as an owner and a sportsman. When I saw the the Vetlen product, I wanted to be part of their journey. An innovation that may enable horses to recover faster and help them get back to their peak performance, will be a valuable solution for every veterinarian and horse owner I know."

  • Brad Lingenfelter,


    "As a veterinary practitioner for over 36 years, I’m always looking for better ways to provide quality medical care for my patients. Vetlen Pouch provides an effective, direct and dynamic approach to treating surgical or injury sites. This simple, yet very effective pouch allows me to directly administer essential antibiotics or pain medication to the surgical site. It simply works well."

We Envision a World Where Every Infected Wound Is Treatable

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